About Us


Peace is not simply the absence of war or a term that applies only to the relationship among nations. Peace is an essential quality that should characterize all relationships.


About Us

Kenya Veterans for Peace is a Military Veterans Organization registered in Kenya under Society Act, Chapter 108 of the Laws of Kenya. Members are drawn from the Retired Military Officers and Servicemen/Women from Three Services of Kenya Defense Forces.

Our main objective being to promote peace encourage harmonized co-existence among communities especially in hot spot area in urban and peri-urban as well as rural areas in Kenya. We educate the youth, women, and other community based groups on peace building, reconciliation and tolerance.


Our Vision

To see communities living in harmony by enhancing peace and security in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

To supplement government efforts and other participants in peace building, community policing, crime control, conflict resolution, disaster management, and counterterrorism through partnership with community based groups, leaders, local administration, security agents and other peace building stakeholders.

Our Values