The history of the organization

Kenya Veterans for Peace (KVP) was founded in 2007/2008 after experiencing the impact of post election violence (PEV) that emerged immediately after election, commissioned by H.E Kofi Anan to start peace building mission, the experienced peace keepers have build peace in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Congo, Burundi, and Liberia.

Majority of the Kenya Veterans for peace have been in peace keeping mission abroad. Utilizing their skills acquired, the Veterans have been instrumental in various peace keeping missions around the world, gaining experience to work in more hostile environment than it is in Kenya.

Equipped with these skills and knowledge ,employing intelligent approach, the peace keepers work together with State , Non State Actors, NGOs and other stakeholders in promoting peace and security. About 83,000 retired soldiers voluntarily work together with various security agents in every village to support peace building and elevate humanitarian face to conflict resolution.